Do you have a large collection pictures or expensive artwork that requires to be stored in an efficient organised environment? Railey Projects are experts in providing Picture Racking Systems in Cardiff, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, England, Wales, Scotland & the rest of the UK.

The Railey Projects – Picture Racking Systems in Cardiff is the perfect choice for most clients. Our range of picture racking is the perfect choice for individuals or organisations wishing to store valuable artwork both efficiently and safely. The high-density nature of picture racking ensures that artwork can be stored competently, without stacking or touching and yet can be accessed easily and viewed, thus removing any need to rehang pictures in order to view them.

Railey Projects can provide Picture Racking Systems that can be configured to your exact requirements.

As we are able to configure the exact spacing between storage racks, we can configure our Picture Racking Systems in Cardiff  to your exact requirements to facilitate the maximised the storage density of your artwork. We are also able to offer an almost limitless range of colours for your picture racking so that it can be blend into the existing aesthetics of a room or archive or make a bold statement.

Top hung, or floor mounted, the choice is yours; Our Picture Racking Systems in Cardiff offers the choice of being either top hung or floor mounted. The option of top hung racking ensures that your floorspace can be maintained without obstruction whilst a floor mounted system is the perfect choice in the event of high ceilings or a lack of suitable structure to affix to. So, whatever your requirement and whatever the volume of pictures you need to store, we can achieve it perfectly.

At Railey Projects, we can custom design your Picture Racking Systems. So, whether you are a small or large business, or a government department let us be your first choice.

Railey Projects have over 70 years of combined experience in providing filing and high-density storage solutions to various sectors which include, Corporate, Commercial, Medical, Museums, Government departments, Libraries and Archival. For more information about our Picture Racking Systems in Cardiff,  please call us on 020 7375 2051 or alternatively you can get in contact with us by requesting either a call back, a brochure or a free site survey.