Railey Projects (formerly Railex Projects) are a UK based company that specialise in high density filing and storage solutions for a wide market that includes Corporate, Commercial, Medical, Museums, Libraries, and Archival.

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Over 60 Years of Combined Experience in Filing & Storage Solutions

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Railey Projects Ltd,
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020 7375 2051
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Filing solutions that can create more space in your office, medical clinics, museums or libraries.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving Systems
Mobile storage or mobile shelving is recommended for document storage

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Medical Records Filing

Medical Record Filing
We can design the perfect medical records storage solution for

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Library Static Shelving

Library Shelving Systems
Manufactured in the UK to stringent standards our library shelving range

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Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets
We specialise in a large range of custom made storage cabinets

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Relocation Services

Relocation Services
Are you moving office and do you require your mobile shelving to be relocated

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Filing Pockets

Filing Pockets
We have a large selection of lateral filing pockets available to suit

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Railey Product Accreditations

Products Accreditation

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